Welcome To Lucky Chicken !!!

Founded in 2008, Lucky Chicken has been striving to paint American food with Peruvian colors. Nestled in the charmingly cozy town of Clayton, North Carolina, we offer a varied assortment of salivating Peruvian cuisine. From our signature ceviche and mouth-watering pollo a la brasa to our sweet suspiro a la limena, we aim to impress and satisfy.

In our firm belief that Peruvian food can change the world, we have decided to open another location in Cary, North Carolina. We wish for everyone to fall in love with Peru and its food as much as we have loved it our entire lives. With influences from Spanish, Italian, African, and Japanese cultures, Peruvian food has a flavor like no other. Just as one of the seven wonders of the world, Macchu Picchu, our cuisine is intriguing and shrouded in delightful mystery.

Lucky Chicken features an authentic environment. When you're here, you're cloaked in culture and whisked away to the magical destination that is Peru. It's our aromas, it's our spices, it's our family-oriented service, it's our music, it's our Peru. Here at Lucky Chicken, we do everything in our power to give our customers all of our beautiful Peru...with every dish.